Men's golf glove


The world’s only swing correcting golf glove.

The Pro Air Grip golf glove prevents over-gripping so you hit fewer trees and more fairways.


“I’ve played golf for 65 years and this is the best glove I’ve ever used.”

“For the last three years my handicap has gone up, and my average score for 18 on a par 72 course has been 94 to 97. Since using the Pro Air Grip Glove, my rounds have been in the mid to high 80’s with a low of 82!”

Richard E.

“My first nine with it I shot a 43. Same course, three days later without the glove I shot 49.”

Kevin T. 

“The Pro Air Grip Glove has done wonders for my golf game. It’s a heck of a product and will be improving golf games for years to come.”

Garrett G. 


The Pro Air Grip glove is more than “just another” glove.

We’ve all been there—you need a new golf glove, and you don’t know what to buy. You just want something that’ll be comfortable, that’ll keep you from getting blisters. So you pick something and try it out. After a few rounds, it falls apart. Then you start the cycle all over again.  

Stop the cycle. Pick up the last golf glove you’ll ever buy. 

The Pro Air Grip glove...

Saves you money. We traveled the world to find the most durable leather. Many golfers get 50 (or more) rounds of play out of this glove. 

Improves your swing. 95% of amateur golfers overgrip their club, causing inaccurate shots. The patented air bubbles stop you from overgripping, meaning you’ll hit the ball further and straighter. 

Boosts confidence in your game. When you don’t have to worry about your grip on the club, you’ll play with more confidence in your shots.

BONUS: Feels really nice. 🙂 Our premium leather keeps the glove from getting stiff, even if you play in the rain. The special bubble layer also insulates your hand in colder weather.